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About Creative Response – Cavu Pictures

About Creative Response

Director Antonino D’Ambrosio on Defining Creative-Response:

I think our grand talent as human beings is that we can respond creatively to the challenges that life and society consistently place in front of us. Creative-response is rooted in the understanding that obstacles can become opportunities, and that old problems seen from a new perspective can lead to action, pushing society forward.

When I refer to creative-response, I am not just speaking of art but including every area of society and popular culture from public policy, economics, and education to science, architecture, and the environment. A person engaged in creative-response is someone who can invent a powerful new idea – whether a melody, a poem, a political idea — that changes how we think about and see the world. Moreover, creative-response is less a counter-narrative or alternative view, than it is a more accurate telling of our problems and how to respond—in an impactful, meaningful way—to those issues.

Creative-response is not an oppositional force. It is a proactive, forward-thinking movement. Ultimately, creative-response inspires us to aspire to become active participants in our society and the world around us.

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